an integrative approach to wellness that balances 

Wellness Coaching


Clear the clutter & begin living the life you deserve. Purify your mind by reconnecting with your authentic self. Custom designed wellness programs suited just for what YOU need. Providing guidance, support, curated information & techniques you will be able to face & overcome the challenges that are weighing you down. Let's talk about wellness, let's talk about YOU. 


LivBalanced Wellness

Private Yoga/ Pilates Training


Empowering you to bring the best version of yourself to your mat. If you want to strengthen, tone, lengthen or improve your balance, energy levels & overall vitality, Yoga & Pilates will cultivate a happier & healthier you physically, mentally & emotionally.

Available forms of Yoga: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, PreNatal & PostNatal Yoga, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga


LivBalanced Wellness

Energy Therapy: Reiki & Thai Massage


Revive your Energy's Flow with holistic treatments that activate the body's subtle energy systems to remove blockages. By stimulating the energy lines within, you stimulate the body's inherent ability to heal itself. You become more relaxed, balanced, connected, improve your emotional & mental wellbeing & overall outlook on life.


LivBalanced Wellness