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Revive Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a Japanese technique that is used to 

heal & support
physical & mental trauma, 

provide clarity & 
spiritual well-being. 


Reiki helps us to bring balance into 
all areas of our being, 

the physical, mental & emotional.

It is a gentle hands on approach that releases energy 

blockages so that energy can flow again. 


When energy is free flowing, we feel Revived 
energized, lighter, balanced, 

less stressed & more aware.

In modern terns Reiki is referred to as 

"a universal life-force energy."

"Reiki brings back the light that was 

always inside of us"


Note: There is minimal use of oils & fragrances. Please 
communicate if you have any allergies. 

Treatments are practised on table

supported by props. Treatments are Private.

Virtual or In Person


Grounding Thai Massage

Thai Massage is often referred to as "passive yoga".
It is an ancient healing therapy that embraces 
loving kindness, compassion, joy & balance.

Thai Massage is beneficial for ones 

body, mind and spirit.
It reduces muscle tension & spasms, 

mobilizes the joints, 

improves blood circulation, 

enhanced recovery & performance, 
balances & increases energy, 

reduces stress, treats neck pain, 
headaches & sciatica & 

establishes overall relaxation.

These benefits are shared through 

slow, rhythmic postures & movements, 
passive or dynamic yoga stretching 
enhanced with compression techniques in a meditative motion.

"love is born through

the giving of kindness"



Note: There are no use of oils or fragrances.
Comfortable clothing is highly recommended
& full treatment is practised on a floor mat 

supported by props. Treatments are Private.

In person only


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