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Pregnancy Dress
Pregnancy Dress

Prenatal Care

let me support you

Birthing Doula

I've got you

labour & birth (hourly)

Its Baby's Birthday!

I am right beside you to support you whether you are delivering in a hospital or at home.


My support is unconditional and unwavering and I stand with you by your choices. Day or night I've got your best  interest at heart.


As your birthing doula I will be that support you need and ensure you have a positive birthing journey.

12 hours of support


during your pregnancy I am available to you

by phone, email and in person to answer any of your questions. I promise to  support any decision you make without judgment and to help you create an unforgettable prenatal journey.


At prenatal meetings we discuss your concerns, preferences and wishes for your birth experience. I can inform you about choices in childbirth, and teach you about different pain management and relaxation techniques.  


Ayurveda Health & WellBEing Support

prenatal yoga & meditation sessions

breath work sessions

partner included sessions

1 prenatal thai massage

1 prenatal reiki

Postpartum Doula 

I am here for you

24 hours of support


We don't realize how much help and rest we really need after we welcome baby in the world. We are programmed to believe that "we will bounce back" just like that. The truth is LIFE has changed and you mommy have changed as well. I am here for you so that you can rest and revive yourself mind, body and spirit.


I am here for you so that you can heal and enjoy your first months together bonding with your baby and connecting to this new and exciting journey called Motherhood.

During postpartum visits we can discuss your concerns, infant feeding, establishing schedules, keeping up with household tasks and whatever else you may need to assist you in recovery.

Postpartum Mommy Self Care

let me support you

12 hours of support


 once baby has arrived and you have taken 

enough time for rest and have clearance from your doctor, now is the time for you to carve out some Mommy Time.


let me support you and empower you to 

embrace this new journey. 


Mind Body& Spirit


Bringing You Back to Balance with Ayurveda  

postnatal yoga & meditation sessions

1 postnatal thai massage

1 postnatal reiki session


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