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Nurture Your Journey with LivBalanced Doula Care

Nurturing Your Path through the Sacred Journey of Parenthood

We Are LIVBalanced Wellness

At LIVBalanced Wellness, we are dedicated to nurturing the holistic well-being of individuals, recognizing the profound connection between mind, body, spirit, and the invaluable support provided by Doula care.

We believe in the transformative power of Doula care, guiding personal growth and empowerment through compassionate support and guidance. Grounded in authenticity and reverence for each individual's unique journey, we offer non-judgmental care that honors the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of childbirth. Our approach champions an empowered birth experience, prioritizing the well-being of both parents and their newborn, guiding them towards harmony, vitality, and fulfillment as they embrace the sacred journey of parenthood.

Prenatal, post natal, grief & loss:

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It was a true blessing and pleasure to have Olivia support us as a prenatal doula. The guidance, support, and spiritual connection she provided made our first pregnancy so much more enjoyable and the scariness of the unknowns softer.  Having Olivia support us as a part of our birth team enriched the experience for me as a first-time mom and really gave me that extra support and confidence. The couples yoga was and breathing exercises were a wonderful experience. She really helped to give me exactly what I needed and prepare me in an individualized way to be ready for my journey into motherhood. I would recommend the program to any new mom looking for that extra support and a wonderful friend.

Liberty F.

Olivia is a personable, thoughtful, and caring person throughout my pregnancy.  She made me feel calm, welcomed, and supported.  She was always emotionally present and was always available no matter what! Her environment was safe, welcoming, and positive where I always felt comfortable enough to share all that I was going through.   Olivia answered all my questions, presented information that was beneficial and made sure that I left our sessions feeling heard and understood.  She provided breathing techniques, mindful mantras, yoga sessions, massages and beautiful reiki sessions that enhanced my journey.  My husband attended a few sessions and really enjoyed his time spent with her.  We learned so much from each other with guiding questions and open conversations, breathing exercises and partner yoga.  Olivia makes you feel so warm and loved that you are always excited for your sessions together. As I had envisioned, a much different delivery she helped me reframe my perspective.  Our time together was amazing, and heart filled.  I could not have asked for a more supportive doula.

Rebecca B.

Olivia, you were an amazing presence for postpartum services.  Despite being seasoned parents, juggling the constant needs of a newborn and toddler with all the daily household responsibilities was extremely challenging.  It was so nice to have someone come over to look after this very tired mom and give her a needed break.  Olivia your breath of knowledge and experience were helpful refreshers and great advice for us to ensure quality care for our sons and ourselves.  We are very grateful for everything you’ve for us. I would highly recommend every new mama/family get a little extra support with Olivia. She’ll help you with many needs.

Jessica B.

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