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Good Things take Time and all things Grow with Love: the time to cultivate our love, and to commit to our pursuit to Wellness

Good things take time and all thing grow with love. Regardless, of how much we believe these to be true, our society and the lifestyles that we have nurtured are cut for time and short on patience. In honour of our responsibilities and influenced by our social environments, we have been cultivating a relationship with ourselves that is disconnected from a natural rhythm, from a rhythm that is truly aligned with what we need to live healthy and happy emotionally, mentally and physically.

Wellness should always be at the top of our needs list. Not only focusing on the physical component but also nurturing our emotional and mental wellbeing. There is a strong connection between the 3 and that connection determines the wellness landscape of our life. Today, we are experiencing a global health crisis and its cause and effect are taking a health toll on all aspects of our lives. If there is such a thing as perfect timing, then now is the perfect time to make sure that we remain strong on all fronts of our being.

Creating a life in wellness and choosing to continuing to live in wellness require just that TIME and LOVE. Time to cultivate and love to stay committed. Today, there are so many ways to eat right & shed the weight. We are bombard by so many theories and although they are based on good intentions, what we need to ask is if they suit our lifestyle and if this is something that we can commit to for the long run. Planning for longevity is truly important and something we oversee easily. There was a time in my life where I tried the “change your life in 28 days”, the “eat no carb, only protein diet” and the “drink your meals in a shake” kind of diet. None of those ever stuck because essentially, I couldn’t create that life nor could I love it enough to commit to it.


Today, I want to share with you what I have come to learn and realize about wellness and invite you to consider as you read this article. I have determined that there are 4 stepping stones that we need and that will help us on our wellness journey. These 4 stepping stones require us to BE transparent with ourselves IF we want to make impactful, meaningful and lasting changes to the wellness landscape of our lives 1. Our desire for change: “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired” (FLH) We will only change something if we really want to change it. When we have realized that we need to change what’s no longer working for us is usually when we ignite our personal empowerment and resilience to make it happen. Let’s always keep in mind that any changes we make should BE first and foremost, for ourselves.

2. The effort to make the changes happen: always lead with willingness to add positive and beneficial changes by being open to trying and adopting new approaches, rituals and routines. Cultivating a wellness lifestyle requires bringing new ways to our lives and leaving behind some old, dampening and ineffective habits we may have such as resistance, doubt, insecurity and fear. As the proverb says “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

3. Our patience to see our efforts through “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” Our bodies and our minds need time to adjust, to respond and to find stability in new behaviours. Cultivating requires time and growth requires love. Time and love both need patience. This is the most important step in the process and where we often times are too eager to rush through. Let’s BE patient with ourselves and watch how beautifully we blossom.

4. Our commitment to live our best life: “Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live in” (J.R). This quote gives me the goosebumps. So much goodness and life comes from taking care of ourselves. When we feel awesome, mind-body-spirit, everything around us is graced with that feeling of awesomeness. We radiate happiness and healthiness. When you live a life of wellness, there is no self sabotaging behaviour because you are living a life that you love and that you love to commit to. Its natural, its easy, its YOU.

My definition of LIVING in wellness is an act of awakening. When we shed new light in our life, when we refresh our ways of doing things and when we embrace a more exuberant enjoyment of life. A great time for awakenings is during the Spring. In the spring time we begin to feel emotionally and mentally lighter & brighter. The days are longer and we are graced by sunlight. The snow begins to melt, exposing the earth so that we can begin to see nature bloom. We are coming out of hibernation and we are more eager to feel alive and be physically active. It’s a time for growth and new beginnings.

Spring is the season of Kapha in Ayurveda. It is considered to be the New Year of Nature and Wellbeing. In this time of New Beginnings, we are encouraged to prepare our health for the whole seasonal calendar. It’s a time for embracing the light, detox the body from the heaviness of the winter months and enriching our immune systems by creating a healthy environment we can blossom in. As we seasonally adjust other aspects of our lives like our wardrobe so should we adjust our habits, foods, physical activities and routines. As the seasons change, so should our lifestyles experience an adjustment to the rhythm of the present season.

In my personal wellness offerings, I lead an Ayurveda & Yoga Journey. The journey focuses on uncovering, understanding and connecting to your unique constitution so that you can lead a wellness lifestyle that is aligned with who you are. When I talk about how to live in wellness and how to build a wellness lifestyle I teach you how to cultivate wellness that connects to your bodies natural rhythm. What may work for you may not work for another and vice versa. When embracing the Ayurvedic Lifestyle approach you are essentially working with your body to determine what’s right for you. I will guide you through the journey and teach simple and effective ways you can detox, purify and strengthen your immune system and ignite your metabolism. Allow me to bring wellness to you and come join me on YOUR Journey to WellBLISS.



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